How do I begin?

I am constantly in awe of my clients, their beauty inside and out, their laughter, and their loyalty. In the last year, I have had some stark reminders of how grateful I am for some long-standing clients and some newer ones.

Back in the fall, I had a client reach out for a simplified family session, now keep in mind that I hadn't photographed this family in a few years just due to life and taking a hiatus from portrait photography. However, as soon as she found out I was back in the game she was the first to sign up. Other than the few-year gap, I have photographed this family since 2012 when they first got pregnant with their daughter and many milestones over the next two years. A couple years later, I photographed the birth of their oldest son, then I missed a few years and they have a second son now. When we got to the session it was like no time had passed! We laughed, we joked, we made beautiful photographs and memories. How do you put into words the amount of gratitude you have for a family like that? Ten years! I was still in photography school when we first started back in 2012.

Then just this month a newer client that I photographed this past fall reached out to me after they were proposed to! Come to find out her parents loved my work I had done previously and recommended I be the photographer for the wedding as well. So here we are, planning the wedding day! It is so humbling and joyous to have clients so loyal and confident in my work. I'm so excited for this fall wedding and all that is to come!

These are just two examples of my clients. I'm blessed with many more who bring me joy with every session. I am so thankful to each and every one of you, whether you are a repeat client or a one and done, YOU make this worth it. Thank you!