Carbondale Wild West Rodeo

My boot hits the ground, I'm at an event that is extremely familiar to these old boots, however, brand new to my camera. I'm at the rodeo. I grew up watching rodeos whenever possible so the wet dirt and shiny bleachers were no new sight to me. The smell of animals made me feel comfortable instead of off-put. Yet, I was carrying something that had never before been to the rodeo, my camera.

To be honest, I was intimidated, I've seen so many amazing photographs of the rodeo that I was worried that I would absolutely fail and find myself discouraged. However, as the rodeo began and I heard the click, click, click of my camera capturing image after image, my confidence went up. I was less concerned about how the images turned out as I was enjoying taking them. A feeling that I had forgotten as life continuously got in the way of my passion for photography. I was on cloud nine, enjoying every aspect of the evening and I feel blessed to have had that feeling again.

The night was filled with a variety of rodeo events including team roping, bull riding, mutton busting, and more. There was so much to see and a photograph, you are constantly wondering if you are missing something beautiful happening in a different location. The whole event kept me engaged as a customer and as a photographer.